Magical Little Places ❀

I’m a firm believer in the power of ‘me time’. I think every now and then we all have to take some time out of our busy lives, to de-stress and appreciate the small things in life.
I personally have a few hobbies that I love to engage in. Really simple things like sitting down and reading a good book, or listening to my favourite music. However, one of my absolute favourite things to do is…walking!


As simple as it might seem, sometimes going for a walk can change my whole day. Just talking half an hour out of my day to walk to some of my favourite local places honestly changes my mood. It clears my mind, but at the same time gives me some time to sort through all of my thoughts…as contradicting as that sounds!
I also love being surrounded by nature; it makes me feel so at ease. The magic of nature always sparks my imagination.


It’s a little difficult to get outside in the Winter for obvious reasons. The cold weather doesn’t stop me venturing out completely, but at the same time it does tend to scare me off a little! But guaranteed as soon as Spring comes along again, I will be pushing myself to go outside, and on my little walks every day.


I feel like I might sound really boring to some people, but the truth is we should learn to appreciate the little things in life that make us happy! I’ve suffered from anxiety for years, and it’s simple little things like this, that really help.
So here’s my message for the day; learn to love and celebrate all the small things in life that give you joy. All the things that no one will understand but you. Find your own magical little places =)




4 thoughts on “Magical Little Places ❀

  1. To me it doesn’t seem boring at all. Maybe because l think about it in a very similar way! I love nature. Often it takes some motivation to get up out of the comfy position at home, but when I’m walking trough the forest or the field, it’s always worth it! Your pictures are so beautiful, as always! 😊

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