Favourite Little Spots: The Cheerful Chilli, Otley.

Every time my family and I visit Otley (Yorkshire), it’s almost become a tradition to visit this cute little café that we discovered called, ‘The Cheerful Chilli’. We originally came across this lovely little place by accident. It’s tucked away on the side of the road right next to Otley Chevin Forest, and if you don’t know it’s there – I feel like you might easily overlook it. I think it was originally an old cottage that was renovated, so if you have passed it before and just think it’s someone’s home (like I did!), I wouldn’t be surprised.


It’s one of those places that you can appreciate in any season. In Autumn and Winter, it has a lovely cosy, and homely atmosphere. And in Summer and Spring, there’s a fantastic outdoor seating area filled with flowers, where you can sit, relax, and appreciate the calmness of the area.


I’m a real lover of cafés, and I think that it might maybe have something to with the fact that I’m a real lover of tea, coffee, and treating myself to the odd slice of cake. I especially love little cafés like this one, that have lots of character. I think the atmosphere really plays a big part in why I love this café so much. It’s very dainty, sweet, and has some real vintage vibes – which I adore!


Not only does, ‘The Cheerful Chilli’, sell the most delicious lattes and cakes (my favs!), but they also have a great restaurant menu. I was very surprised the first time I visited to find that it’s actually a vegetarian restaurant. Which was a nice surprise for me, seen as though I’m a vegetarian! Can you imagine how excited I was when I discovered that my new favourite little café that I just happened to have stumbled on by accident, also happened to be a vegetarian café…I was very happy to say the least.


If you’re planning on taking a trip to Otley, then I absolutely recommend you stop off at, ‘The Cheerful Chilli’. It really is a the most wonderful, tranquil little spot! Especially if you like those sweet treats, like myself!
{ http://thecheerfulchilli.co.uk/ }





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