Some Spring-spiration!

I was looking through some of my old pictures today, and found some random pictures of flowers that I took in my garden, and from when I was out and about last Spring.
Honestly, I have tones of pictures of flowers…literally…I can’t count how many I have there’s that many. But quite a lot of them are from times when I’ve visited places like Golden Acre Park, and Kirkstall Abbey ect. I have a post (or maybe two) coming up about my love flowers, and showcasing some of my favourite flower pictures that I’ve taken over the last few years – but I thought I would post some of the random pictures that don’t really have a place anywhere.


I cannot express to you how excited I am for Spring…or how excited I am to see that some flowers are already starting to bloom! Being the Instagram addict that I am; when Spring comes along my feed will no doubt be filled with bright, colourful flowers – and that makes me so happy. I’ve also seen that a few trees have started to blossom too! Again, that makes me very excited.


I don’t dislike Winter. Sure, it has it’s negative points – but it’s not that bad. I like to think of Winter as that time of year you have a perfect excuse to snuggle up on the couch, light candles, eat your favourite food, and watch a good movie. However, after a while I think the monotony of that wears off, and it’s easy to feel like everything is seems a little dark and dull. And then along comes the first signs of Spring, and hallelujah!…it’s like the earth is waking up again.


I think the flowers have come out a little early this year. When I think about it, I think they did last year too! It’s quite scary really. I’m no expert on climate change in the slightest, but I think that maybe the flowers blossoming early is a sign of where we are at. Having said that, my friends overseas tell me that the flowers aren’t blooming over there yet, and from what I’ve seen some places still have snow! The weather isn’t great here in Yorkshire but so far we’ve only had a few days of snow – we’ve done well this year (lets hope I haven’t jinxed it!!).


So I will leave you with these few flowery images; I hope you enjoy them! And I hope that you are looking forward to Spring as much as I am….it’s not far away now!






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