Kirkstall Abbey is Blooming…


I’m very lucky to be able to say that Kirkstall Abbey is practically on my doorstep. Not only have a grown up visiting the abbey, but I often walk/pass through the grounds. After a week of rain, the sun finally shone today, and it was just wonderful. So on my way to do a bit of shopping, I decided to take my favourite route through the abbey. I was very surprised to find that most of the flowers had already blossomed! I saw that they had already started to make an appearance a little while ago, but they looked nothing like this! Everyone was just in awe of the sea of colours. It’s funny because although I’ve been visiting the abbey my whole life – every time I see these flowers, it’s like the first time. They are just so beautiful. I only managed to take a few pictures as I was in a little bit of a rush, but I will be no doubt be down there taking some more very soon.


Sooooooo dreamy^^


And just to finished off, here’s a few little extras….






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