Sunshine & Blossom.

There was absolutely no way I was going to waste the beautiful weather today, so I decided to go pick up some coffee & go on a little wander along the way. I was originally planning on going through the woods by my house, but I saw the mud after last nights rain fall, and decided against it. So I walked over the local field instead…which made no sense what so ever. Why I thought the mud wouldn’t be as bad on the field, is beyond me. It’s safe to say we got rather muddy, wet feet…but I suppose it was worth it.
After all, the weather really was very lovely today. My Mum and I were in awe of the pretty blossom trees we passed. Of course, I couldn’t help but take a few snaps.

Out 2

Out 3

Out 4

We did pass the woods on our journey over the muddy field though. Part of the reason I wanted to travel through the woods (apart from the fact that I just love being in there anyway!) is because I was hoping the Bluebells might have blossomed. No luck, however. I guess I’ll have to wait a tiny bit longer. At least the trees still looked pretty! I think I’ve got a thing for trees haha. I kind of have the same appreciation for them as I do for flowers.


Whilst I’m waiting for the Bluebells, I’ll settle for the sweet Daffodils & the other lovely little flowers. Ps. Crocuses are starting to become one of my favourites!

Out 5


out 6



2 thoughts on “Sunshine & Blossom.

  1. It all looks so beautiful. Here it just started to get warmer and the crocuses and snowdrops started blooming last week. It will be many more weeks until the trees will start blossoming. Until then I’ll appreciate your beautiful pictures! 🌼🌸

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