Puerto Del Carmen // Lanzarote.

It’s been almost a whole year since my last holiday in Lanzarote, and I still miss it! I was looking through some of my pictures today and thought that I would share some of my favourites. Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with all my family pictures, and all the copious amounts of pictures that I took of my cocktails…no really, I took far too many pictures of my drinks….why do I do that!? Guess it was just an ‘in the moment’ kind of thing haha.

We was staying in, ‘Puerto Del Carmen’. Our hotel was in the old town; which is quiet, and family orientated. It was definitely a relaxing holiday. I’m not a huge party goer anyway so that worked for me. However, we did spend quite a lot of time in newer town of ‘Puerto Del Carmen’, both during the day and at night. It only took 7 or 8 minutes to get there from the old town, and the taxi’s weren’t expensive at all so we found ourselves visiting quite often.

We loved both the old and new town; they both had something special about them in their own way. Like I said, the old town was fairly quiet, but there was still some lovely bars and restaurants that we frequently visited.  We found ourselves gravitating towards the Irish bars, as well as the locally run bars. The new town was naturally a little busier, but not overwhelming. Also the new town had the most beautiful beach! I just loved it there.

This was my third time in Lanzarote, and I’ve really enjoyed it every single time!! I was quite young when we went on our first holiday there, so it was quite strange going back and experiencing it as an adult – but that just made the experience even more special. We didn’t get a chance to go any excursions this time around, but the first time we went to Lanzarote, we took a trip up to the volcanos. I can’t remember everything because I was quite young but I do remember it being a really unique experience.

Even though I’ve been a few times now, I would definitely go back again!

IMG_4584 (3)

We had mostly very good weather (it was actually a little too hot a few of the days!) but we did get one stormy day. I didn’t mind all that much though because it made everything look all moody, and pretty. Plus, it was still warm.

IMG_4583 (2)

Luckily for me, my birthday just happened to fall right in the middle of the week we was there. We spent some time on my birthday in a spa getting our nails done, and then we did some shopping. It was all very girly…I had a fabulous time! But of course we spent some of the day lazing about and relaxing too. I wish I could remember the name of our hotel, but I do remember it had something to do with flowers in the title, which makes sense because the whole hotel was covered in the prettiest flowers.

IMG_4594 (2)

We would walk past these flowers and get pollen on our clothes literally everyday!! Super pretty though!

The beach was one of my absolute favourite places! We had to leave sooner than we would have liked one of the days we were visiting there because it was just too hot. We all loved it there though; I think the days we spent there were our favourites!


IMG_4654 (2)

IMG_4612 (2)

IMG_4614 (2)
I’ll take one of these apartments please!
From our favourite little café/bar next to the beach! My Mum and I love our tea and coffee no matter what the temperature is outside. Maybe it’s a Yorkshire thing!?

The old town harbour had its pretty ocean view too! And we had the best view from one of our favourite bars…

IMG_4642 (2)

IMG_4556 (2)

For all my sunset lovers out there; the sky was a delight every single night! Cotton candy colours lit up the sky….it was dreamy!!




Lastly, I was sat at a window seat on the plane ride home, so I took the opportunity to snap the pretty view.


I’m also contemplating posting some pictures from my holiday in Majorca from not last year, but the year before. Although it was a few years ago, I got some great shots of the cathedral ect. We’ll see!


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