Mother’s Day Weekend & Vegan Cookies.

I was starting to think that we had reverted back to Winter at the beginning of last week. We more or less had three days of constant rain, and considering how nice it was the week before, it was a little bit disheartening. However, the rain did eventually stop and by Thursday it was bright, and sunny again. I have to remember that it does tend to still rain a lot in Spring. ‘April showers, bring May flowers’, as they say!

The weekend was an absolute joy, which was fantastic considering that on the Sunday it was Mother’s Day here in the UK. My Mum and I had already planned on going on a little walk out if the weather was nice, so I’m glad the sun decided to stay out.

We decided to take the route through the local woods, which I always enjoy. It’s still a bit muddy at the moment because of all of the rain fall. Plus, we haven’t had enough sunny days to dry it all out yet. So it was like walking through an obstacle course walking around all the huge mud patches. But it was lovely all the same.

Sunny 6 (2)

sunny 7 (2)

sunny 9

One of my favourite things about Spring, is the flowers and the blossom trees (I think I’ve probably already mentioned that a few dozen times before). I can’t help but take pictures of them wherever I go. It’s too hard to resist!! Right now, we have a the most beautiful cherry blossom tree on our street. So when we passed there on Saturday, I could help but snap the sunshine gazing through the branches.

Sunny 5

Considering all the flowers that we passed that day and how pretty they looked in the sunlight, I’m surprised I didn’t get way more pictures! I did capture a pretty picture of a Rose tree/bush though. To be honest, I had some major garden envy…


We eventually reached our favourite little café, and sat outside sipping our drinks. I took it as an opportunely to try my vegan cookie that I had bought on the way there – I was very excited!

I have seen this brand of cookies everywhere online, but I’ve never seen them in any of the shops here in the UK. So although I thought it was quite expensive (£2.50….for one cookie….) I felt like I had to take the opportunity, and grab one. I chose the ‘birthday cake’ flavour because it was the first flavour that jumped out at me. I thought, ‘who doesn’t like birthday cake? I’m sure this will be delicious!’….I was wrong.

I honestly don’t know whether it was the flavour I didn’t like, or just the cookie itself, but I really didn’t like it. I still ate half of it, partly because I wanted to give it a chance, and partly because of how much it cost me haha! But in the end, I really didn’t like it. It smelt and tasted a little bit like play dough, or plastic. Maybe I’ll try a different flavour next time. I still have faith in you Lenny & Larry! Ps. I kind of felt a little bit hypocritical eating a vegan cookie, and drinking a latté…but I can’t resist a good latté…

sunny 3 (2)

My Mum had a lovely Mother’s Day, and we had a lovely day on the Saturday spending time together too! She got some lovely flowers from my sister as well, and it’s always nice having flowers in the house.

sunny 4

Here’s to hoping the weather will stay bright and sunny this week!

Abbey mes 5



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