April Favourites // Extras.

Well, I said that March had gone fast, but my goodness…April has been speedy! I was lucky enough to have a little bit of time off work in April, so I’m thinking that’s probably why it has gone so fast for me but, whoa…where is this year going?? I’m not the only one thinking it’s going too fast, right? I was speaking to a work colleague today about something that is happening in May…then it realised it was May…and I did a double take. Madness.

Although April has gone super fast, it’s also been super fun. I mean April is usually always a good month for me anyway because it’s my birthday month. But aside from my birthday activities, it’s been pretty plain sailing.

We’ve had odd weather here in Leeds/Yorkshire. One minute it’s sunny and you can almost feel a glimpse of Summer coming in, and then the next it’s dull, cloudy, and you’re being blow away by the strong wind. I guess that’s Spring for you! The last few days have been the worst. It’s become a little humid now, which I can’t stand!! I struggle when it’s humid. Sometimes I feel like it takes all my energy. Lets hope that better weather is just around the corner. I really hope we have a nice Summer this year. But anyway, I won’t bore you with weather talk any longer….


Flowers & Coffee (ie. my life source) –

The other day, I realised just how I often I go out for coffee. I’m pretty sure most of my wage goes on fancy coffee, and chocolate. I’m okay with it. Lattes, and iced lattes are my go-to. Of course it helps that the journey to Starbucks, and also my local café, is one of the most pleasant little walks. I get to see lots of pretty houses, and flowers along the way, and it’s just lovely.

Also, another thing I realised the other day, is how flower obsessed I am. I mean, I didn’t just realise that the other day – I figured it out a while ago, but I did have a moment when I was looking through my photos on my phone, and I thought ‘wow, 80% of these photos are all flowers!’…again, I’m okay with it. I’m a simple girl; give me flowers, coffee, and some nice music, and I’m happy.




Aww blossom snow…it’s everywhere right now!


A little extra from Ripon {My last blog post}


I got this cute little candle, and candle holder from my sister for my birthday. The candle smells like heaven. The fragrance is called, ‘Cosy Cotton’. So cute!

2017-02-5--22-32-01 (2)


Beauty –

So, this month my ‘cleanser journey’ continues! I ran out of my Garnier cleanser at the end of last week, and didn’t have time to pick up anymore, so I had to cope with what I had. Well, I say I had to ‘cope’ but actually, I re-discovered an old favourite.

Just before I started using the ‘Garnier Micellar Water’, I had bought another cleaner from Boots. The ‘Botanics Hydration Burst 3 in 1 Micellar Cleanser’, to be precise. I didn’t stop using it because it was terrible, I think I just kind of forgot about it because I had bought the Garnier cleanser and had got caught up in that. However, because I’ve started using it again this week, I’ve realised not just how similar these two cleansers are, but also how much I love it.

2017-02-5--22-24-46 (2)

This cleanser is brilliant if you have dry/combination, and sensitive skin (like me!) Just like the Garnier cleanser, it’s very subtle and I haven’t broke out since I’ve been using it. I’m a fan of the ‘Botanics’ range, so I remember that when I found this, I couldn’t wait to try it out!

I think it was between £1.50 – £1.80 when I bought it, but it was on sale at that point. But I’m pretty sure the normal retail price is around the same price as the Garnier cleanser. So, if you happen to want to give something new a try, I would definitely recommend this cleanser!

IMG_1887 (2)

Something else I bought in April, was these few bits from the ‘Essence’ range at Wilkos. They were super, super cheap!!

I’m not 100% sure how I feel about matte lip products. They look so pretty, and I know they’re kind of on trend, but I just think sometimes they make your lips look and feel really dry. This matte lipgloss isn’t super drying, but if I’m being honest, I’m not a fan of the texture. Having said that, the colour is really pretty so I still love it. Maybe I’ll get used to the texture after a while.

The mascara is also great! I’ve worn it most days, and it makes my lashes look super long, and fabulous! The only criticism I have with this mascara, is that the wand got quite clumpy after only a few uses. It’s not a huge issue though, especially considering the price (it was only £2.99!)

If you’re on a budget, this makeup range is a great option for you. I’m definitely going to try a few other products from them. I saw a nice lip liner that I wouldn’t mind trying last time, so I can’t wait to see what that’s like.


Movies –


‘The Secret Garden’ isn’t a new movie, but it’s one of my absolute favourites! I hadn’t seen it in ages, and then the other day the film score came on my iPod, and it took me back. I cannot explain how much I love this movie, or how nostalgic it makes me feel. Back in the day, we had it taped on a VCR tape, and I watched it all the time. I remember I used to watch it and then go out in my own garden, and pretend I had found my own secret garden.

This is one of those movies that I call a ‘Sunday afternoon movie’. It’s a really sweet story, and so beautiful. It’s also based off of a book of the same title.

Speaking of the film score – it is out of this world! Zbigniew Preisner is one of my favourite composers because of this score/movie. It’s stunning.

If you haven’t seen this movie, please do! You won’t regret it. Like I said, it’s a perfect movie for a Sunday afternoon! 🙂


Music –

Cashmere Cat – Quit (ft. Ariana Grande) : I’ve been obsessed with Ariana’s music lately. Ever since she brought out the ‘Dangerous Woman’ album, I’ve been listening to her music all the time. This collaboration is gold. And it’s been in my head constantly in the last week.

Hayley Kiyoko – Sleepover: I stumbled upon this song by accident, and I’m so glad I did. It’s so catchy!! It’s been on replay ever since I discovered it. It’s kind of dark, but kind of light hearted at the same time. I guess it’s a little ambient. I hadn’t heard of Hayley Kiyoko until this song, but I think I’m going to listen to her other music now.

Lea Michele – Heavenly: My favourite song from Lea’s new album, ‘Places’. I’m not crazy about this album, but this song and a few select others, are great. There’s no denying that Lea has the most amazing, powerful voice. I’ve been a fan of hers since ‘Glee’. I miss Glee 😦

OneRepublic – No Vacancy: One of my favourite bands. I love them. They can do wrong. Kind of says it all really haha.


I’ve literally been saying I’m going to write a blog post about my time at Appleby/Appleby Castle for weeks, and I still haven’t. I keep adding to the draft, so maybe eventually I’ll have something decent enough to publish. I’m trying, I promise!

I hope you all have an amazing May! Thank you so much for reading!

~ April ♥


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