May Favourites // Extras.

Gosh, this month has flown (pretty sure I said that the last two months?!) And yes…I haven’t posted in a whole month…

May has been an odd month. A month of ups and downs. And honestly, blogging has been the last thing on my mind. I love blogging, I really do – but I guess this month I’ve just had other priorities! But I’m back! So here we go…


Sunsets, Roses & Happy Cats –

Now that we’re pretty much in Summer, the sunsets are now a little more vibrant, and colourful. And of course, I’ve captured a few of them.

IMG_1992 (2)





The roses are also out in full force! And I’ve also (as always!) been capturing every single flower I pass/see.


The weather has been mostly beautiful in May, but we’ve still had the odd few days of rain. Which I’m not too bothered about because it means the flowers are all having a watering.





Cats love sunshine too…





Bits and Bobs // Purchases –

I feel like there may be a chance that I am queen of finding cheap candles….cheap candles that are actually decent, that is. If I’m being honest, I’ve spent far too much money this month. I’ve been in a weird mood literally the whole month, and so every time I’ve felt a bit bored, I’ve gone shopping. Not really the best idea. But anyway, on one my little shopping trips, I went into to ‘Home Bargains’. I don’t really go to Home Bargains that often, but when I do, I love it. They have some great deals! Whenever I go there, I always tend to come out of there with candles, cups, and stationary. Can’t help myself.

IMG_2072 (2).JPG

On my last trip to Home Bargains, I found these super pretty candles, that were only 79p each!! I adore the packaging too! I almost want to keep it, it’s that pretty….but I won’t. I’ve been known to save pretty boxes/packaging before because I’m a bit of a hoarder. But I’m going to resist the urge this time!! (Ps. You might notice that the box is a little ripped on the bottom corner. That’s because I dropped it on the shop floor…I nearly smashed the candle…it was pretty embarrassing!)

IMG_2075 (2)

I’ve been looking for a pair of plain hoop earrings for the last few weeks, and I’ve had absolutely no luck. You would think they might be easy to find….I thought so too…but apparently not. I’m giving up hope. However, in the meantime, I did come across some other pretty earrings.

IMG_2074 (2).JPG

I love glitter. My love of glitter is actually becoming more of an obsession these days. Apparently I don’t know how to love anything without it eventually becoming an obsession lol! These earrings match my phone case too – which I love! Super girly, super cute.

My last favourite purchase of the month, came from a charity shop. I don’t tend to buy clothes that often in charity shops (just because I have no luck with clothes in charity shops!), I usually just like to look at all the tea cups, and ornaments. You can get some great bits and bobs from charity shops if you’re lucky enough to find them.

I visited the local ‘Cancer Research’ charity shop near my house the other day, and found this sweet trinket.

IMG_2076 (2).JPG

I bought something very similar to this in a charity shop a couple of months ago, to keep all my bits of jewellery in. But I have quite a lot of little bits of jewellery (especially earrings) so I bought this so that I have a little more space. It was £2, and sits looking pretty on my vanity 🙂

IMG_2077 (2)


Music –

Bleachers – Hate That You Know Me: Super quirky, pop song by Jack Antonoff. Despite the title – it’s definitely an upbeat, happy song. Very catchy too! It’s been on repeat the last few weeks.

Paramore – Tell Me How: Trying to pick just one favourite song from Paramore’s latest album ‘After Laughter’, was tough!!! ‘Tell Me How’ was initially my favourite after the first time I listened to the album. The lyrics are beautiful, the music is fitting, and it’s super relatable.

Paramore are one of my all time favourite bands. I love them so much that I have some of their lyrics tattooed on my wrist. I was kind of worried about whether or not I would like this album because I wasn’t a huge of fan of ‘Hard Times’ (the first single) when it first came out. However, it’s grown on me and I love it now – but it’s definitely a new sound for them. My other favs on the album are, ‘Fake Happy’, ’26’, ‘Pool’, and ‘No Friend’.

Clean Bandit – Symphony (ft. Zara Larsson) : I think this song came out a few months ago, but I’ve only just listened to it because I’m not a huge fan of Clean Bandit or Zara Larsson. I don’t dislike them, they’re just not artists that I tend to listen to that often. I’m in love with this song ♥

Selena Gomez – Bad Liar: I read online that this song is a little controversial ….why though? Is it maybe because it’s sampling another song? I don’t get it. I loved this song from the second I heard it. I honestly don’t care whether it’s sampled another song. I mean, I always think that ‘sampling’ is a kind of a compliment. Different opinions, I guess.


I’ll be back next week with a post about my most recent trip to the ‘Abbey House Museum’, and it’s beautiful gardens.

Thank you for reading 🙂

~ April ♥


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