With Great Sunshine, Comes Great Hayfever…

Yesterday, I realised something….no matter what the weather is like, I always find a way to complain about it. I’m never happy. Whether it’s sunny and warm, or rainy and cool – I’ll moan about the weather lol. I mean, I think it’s a British thing? But I am kind of ridiculous.

We’ve had a beautiful weekend of sunshine. I honestly felt like I was back in Lanzarote at one point. All was happy, and nice – I went for a lovely walk in the woods, and did some shopping….then I got home and decided I wanted to cut our lawn. I’d been waiting for the nice weather to come along so I could finally get out there and make my back garden look a little less like a jungle. As nice as the results were, I really suffered afterwards.

We’re only at the beginning of Summer, and I can honestly say I’ve never suffered with Hayfever as bad as what I am right now. Completely different level Hayfever. (Can you tell I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself?)

I walked to church on Sunday morning and had to turn around and come back home. My whole body was aching. I’ve never had that with Hayfever before. And then of course the more ill I felt, the more anxious I got. My anxiety levels were through the roof, and to top it all off, I felt so guilty for having to bail out of going to church.

The point is, I had a lovely weekend, and the sun was very much welcomed….but apparently it had its drawbacks. I spend all of Sunday indoors, sat by my fan, feeling sorry for myself, and watching Harry Potter.

I’m going to visit the Doctor this week, so hopefully I’ll be able to nip this in the bud. I cannot spend the whole of Summer feeling like I did last weekend. But until I go get my antihistamines and eye drops….any tips are welcome! =)

Here are a few snaps I took when I was feeling half decent. (A few are from the weekend before too!)


IMG_2166 (2)
Crochet sundress, and a walk in the woods – I was happy!…(for about a minute!)

IMG_2168 (2)

IMG_2170 (2)

IMG_2151 (2)
Kirkstall Abbey


IMG_2150 (2)

Although the weather has been glorious the last few days – it wasn’t all that great at the start of last week. The rainfall and wind destroyed my garden a little, and so I took a few pictures of the flowers that survived just in case they got crushed by any upcoming rain! 😀



Just have to add this next photo in….she’s a diva!! (she’s had it with me taking pictures of her lol!!)

IMG_2178 (2)


Not much to share today, but hopefully when I get this Hayfever thing figured out I’ll be visiting some new places, and will have some new photos to share!

And like I said, tips on how to deal with Hayfever are very much welcome!!

Thank you for reading,

~April ♥


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